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Our faces

What if I told you that the newborn WebApPeel S.r.l. (I wrote it like this because it contains in itself well four meanings) it’s the product of a close and unique encounter with a Midge?
Strange but true!

The 25th of November 2020 we formed WebApPeel after an episode that happened to me and that I’ll summarize in a few words:
“It was six o’clock in the morning of past year’s 13th of April, a tough and unusual year for everyone. Re-cently awake, but not entirely, I realised that in from of my eyes hovered a midge that had no intention to leave me alone. Istinctively I directed my hand toward the insect to crush it: suddenly, a moment before reaching it, I stopped and “rested” my arm... I don’t know why, but I stopped. I blew towards Him and I moved Him away of approximately half a meter: but Him, instead of going away, rested on my knee for a few seconds and then flew away. I thought, still sleepy: ”Maybe he wanted to thank me in his own way for not hurting him?”. Who knows; nobody could say the opposite...

I turned around and looked at my 7 year old daughter that, a few hours before, came to sleep in the big bed with me: sometimes our “Little Angels” still need the warmth of the parent, especially if, for any rea-son, the parents aren’t living together anymore. I direct my thought to a world that’s increasingly populated by separated moms and dads where, unfor-tunately, the real losers are our sons and daughters and so I said to myself: ”Let’s build something to do GOOD to our children and even to us parents”.

I immediately called my Friend Stefania and … here we are!

Gianluigi Scorza: first “profession” Father
Stefania Bertacchi: first “profession” Mother

We are very pleased to meet you!